Chainlink Will MOON SOON!! They Have BIG NFT NEWS!!

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Chainlink Will MOON SOON!! They Have BIG NFT NEWS!!

Chainlink has BIG NFT NEWS! The type of news that will MOON that stinky coin!! Chainlink allows Dynamic NFTs today!! Most Non Fungible Tokens as we know them are static, but Dynamic is the next evolution in this type of crypto asset. With the Chainlink VRF Dynamic NFTs are ready today! Chainlink provides NFT infrastructure…who else does?? NFT20, GET Protocol & Alchemist Coin!!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Intro-Structure Your NFT Research w/ Chico!
00:37 NFT Infrastructure Is What We Have Been Looking For
01:04 Chainlink’s Big NFT News: Dynamic NFTs
02:25 Chainlink VRF & Dynamic NFTs
03:09 Ethercats: Live Chainlink Powered NFTs
04:16 Chainlink, NFTs & Identity
05:06 LUKSO!?
06:38 Get Protocol Sponsored Segment
10:27 The Dominant NFT Swapper: NFT20
12:08 Alchemist on Coingecko Soon!?
12:46 Outro

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