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$20k on the cards thanks to Insanely bullish news from many crypto experts and chart analysis to prove it!

Ethereum update today shows all the latest ethereum news updates and ethereum chart analysis to give accurate ethereum price prediction 2021.

ethereum has insane potential but this news is crazy. What do you believe is the potential ethereum price for this year and what about bitcoin?

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ethereum is the 2nd largest market cap alt coin in the crypto currency market. crypto currency markets are booming but this is only the start for the insane predictions for ethereum and bitcoin.

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  1. Have a ‘like’ for just having ‘Ethereum’ in the title. Buy the dips!

    I want to believe in a 20k Eth, but that requires 2.3 trillion market cap. I can’t see it unless I see a 6-7 trillion total market cap. I believe in 5k Eth for now until I see that total market cap go crazy or BTC dominance going below 50%, then I’ll start believing in a 10k-20k Eth (please happen).

    Appreciate the news!

  2. Lol so basically it could go up, but it might go down, but it has the potential to make alot of money and it has the potential to lose alot of money so ultimately it could increase but you might see a retrace. Whatever you do, don’t surprised if it goes up….although it might go down….thanks

  3. Eth dangerously undervalued. The whole NFT craze is built on Eth, DeFi built on Eth.

    March 15th 2017 – $31
    March 15th 2021 – $1879

    June 14th 2017 – $363
    June 14th 2021 – ?

    January 10th 2018 – $1348
    January 10th 2022 – ?

    A 10x from here is conservative.

  4. #THETA will be the third coin after #BTC and #ETHEREUM in next one year in terms of market cap as it has the highest appeal for mass adoption. Mark my words.


  5. Ethereum is not performng as well as I had hope. Quite disappointing in fact. Thinking of swapping to BTC. I have $10K in each of these cryptos.

  6. Btw, if u predict every day that its going up it will eventually go up. Your prediction is just random bullshit. Yeah, it will eventually go up along with BTC.

  7. My first trading with Mr. Chris Benson earn me profit over 6btc Ever since then he has not failed to deliver I can boldly testify he’s the sincere bitcoin traders I have ever known✔

  8. Can anyone recommend a good trading platform for UK residents?
    Bybit are terminating all uk accounts
    Phemex and binance aren’t great.complicated

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  10. Important note to people in general: 380% is 4.8x (nearly 5x), not 3.8x (nearly 4x) – people often mess this up since 100% is 2x, 200% is 3x etc. Of the original price that is.

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