Ethereum Is Winning Crypto and Beating Both Paypal and Bitcoin!!!

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Ethereum Is Winning Crypto and Beating Both Paypal and Bitcoin!!!

Ethereum is crushing it on key metrics beating Bitcoin and Paypal!
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0:00 Today in Ethereum
0:59 Ethereum Insane First Half
7:58 Layer Two
12:19 What About Bitcoin
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50 Replies to “Ethereum Is Winning Crypto and Beating Both Paypal and Bitcoin!!!”

  1. 5K BNB HC Presale! The biggest presale of the year is on July 23rd!

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  2. Nah… Lark… Ethereum is a Bitcoin of smart contracts so it has that allure you know…but its not the best smart contract blopckchain out there…I like COsmos thesedays and feel its very very underrated. There will be several Blockchains like that and I can’t follow so much now…they are provably babies(: …but may be in 3 to 5 years time Ethereum will lose its dominanace.

    I am sorry I respect ethereum and Vitalik but those fees…and its just too old now…the Goverance voting, there are more decentralised Blockchains out there…that’s what I feel.


  3. I worked hard last year buying and selling altcoins from/to ETH and swapping ETH for BTC all to reach my BTC bag target and now folks are saying ETH will beat BTC and I am buying ETH at 10X times 2020 prices to try to get an ETH bag. Of course I could sell a BTC and buy more ETH to catch up. 4.2 BTC is about equivalent to 23.2 ETH in terms of fraction (a 5 millionth) of either eventual (BTC) or current circulating supply. My pensions are not supplying a high enough cash flow, and right now I am saving for a vacation I am hoping to squeeze in between Covid lockdowns and quarantines.

  4. Very informative thanks for sharing to enrich, I suggest DIVI is an easy to use currency, in addition to real use cases, I receive daily rewards through my DiviGo, running a masternode is easy, with a smart wallet that allows exchange. One of the most amazing parts of this @DiviProject project is the community behind it. People who constantly add value to the Ecosystem

  5. LMFAO you crypto nerds need to crawl under a rock for now…. stop trying to rant about how BTC ALT coins are still an solid investment…" its dead!!!! perhaps it comes to life in a few years but for now fuck off with your desperate shilling to keep your own investments from dumping you all are getting less and less views and even less subscriptions…

  6. Successful people don’t become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. pray that anyone reading this will be successful in life.

  7. I think HBAR is a strong candidate. What do you think? My only concern with HBAR its that is a fully corporate runned coin. They might get a lot of ressistance from Governments to implement a Coin that is fully controlled by massive corporations.

  8. The comparison to PayPal’s market cap is apples to oranges. PayPal’s market cap is based in its future revenue and profit. How, directly, does eth pay its owners?

  9. Hey Lark, given its head start on the competition (inc. Cardano), its ecosystem, upcoming commencement of token burning and broad real world use applications, it’s hard to see anything overtaking ETH in the short to medium term. Just my 000000000.5 satoshi’s. 🙂

  10. A DeFi coin I would recommend is DIVI which actually has a lot of potential in this crypto space . It’s even made running masternode so easy with great rewards. Although it usually demands a little expertise to run masternode . Absolutely game changing coin

  11. Ethereum is a dog with fleas and leeches. Nice proof of concept but way too slow and heavy, and likely to suffer from bugs, rollbacks, and a broken and confusing ecosystem. In tech, second mover advantage creates the real winners, while the first mover slowly fades along with its legacy ecosystem. Devs are moving to Solana, and so are visionaries. Investing in Ethereum is like investing in AOL or myspace when everybody thought these were going to take the world by storm. Mark my words, next crypto winter, ETH is going back below 500!

  12. Think about this ….. BNB is native to the Exchange and the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain .. Which is a working cloned version of Ethereum .. Its faster than ETHEREUM … Its cheaper than ETH… Any project you were building can be put on BSC …. And if you already have a DAPP running on the ETH Mainnet … You can transfer it over to BSC with zero or MINIMUM modifications to your code .. As a programmer … They are the most utilized token Running Exchange .. the DEX … and the BSC .. It is Faster adn Cheaper and already absorbing ETHEREUM ENTORE Projects and onboarding them to BSC .. The Tokemomics are great … For the Use cases … BNB Is the coin to make the FLIPPENING HAPPEN !!!! I DARE ANYONE TO PROVE THIS NOT POSSIBLE … HIGHLY POSSIBLE … YOU GO DO THE MATHS/RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF .. I ALREADY DID !!!!

  13. have you heard of $ARTH? its the very first value coin. backed by 80% stable coin 15% btc and 5% gold. its listed on coingecko and its powered by $MAHADAO

  14. 🙏 $egoD 🙏
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